Light Up Your Home Using Outdoor Copper Sculpture in 2023

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Copper sculptures are classic and lend an air of antiquity to any property, old or modern. Copper outdoor wall lights and hanging copper lanterns are an investment that you’ll cherish for lifelong. Outdoor sculpture lighting is an attractive and useful addition to an outdoor setting. Wherever they are utilized, their warm metallic shine provides atmosphere and gentle light.

Outdoor lighting plays a significant role in creating a cozy outdoor ambiance. To create a warm and inviting paradise in your outside area, you can use lanterns, candles, string lights, a campfire, or candles.

Family gatherings and meals outside are made even more special by the lighting. When you switch on the outside mood lighting, guests at a party will feel like they are the guests of honor.

Your home’s exterior lighting can improve its appearance. You may personalize your home’s curb appeal and make it stand out from others, just like when choosing inside lights!

Read on to learn a few suggestions for selecting outdoor sculpture lighting that matches the design of your home.

Choose an appropriate size.

When selecting outdoor lighting, size counts. Think about choosing lights with sizes that complement the surrounding area. To improve the decor of your home, avoid going too big or too tiny with the fixtures so that they seem overbearing or underbearing.

For instance, choosing large lights might draw attention away from the entryway. Therefore, tiny lighting fixtures could make the decor appear unimportant to the overall design.

Additionally, there are a variety of outdoor lighting options available. Contact a lighting contractor like Copper Lighting and Sculpture, also known as ArtScape Lighting if you’re unclear about the design of the lighting you want to install outside your home. You might also get installation and repair assistance for outdoor lighting from specialists.

Select an Appropriate Color

Color mismatches can harm the outside appearance of your home. Color clashes will result from choosing hues and tones that don’t go well together. The exterior of your property will look garish due to the conflicting colors unless you know how to color block.

You can pick the warm coppery lighting or you can go for a little bit of tarnished copper according to the background of the wall. Older copper develops a patina, or verdigris, which dims it or creates a blue-green covering, as you’ve seen on coins. New copper is brilliant and glossy.

Identify The Types

If you don’t know what you need, choosing the appropriate outdoor lights may prove to be very difficult for you. Keep in mind that you can buy a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures. The selecting process will be easier to handle if you are aware of the various varieties.

You could upgrade your house with some of the outdoor copper lighting kinds listed below:

Wall Lamps
Wall lights, as the name suggests, attach to walls or almost any vertical surface. These fixtures are best placed on patios, garages, and porches.

Hanging and ceiling lights
If copper wall lights are not an option due to space constraints, think about employing ceiling and hanging lighting instead. These lights are perfect for wet environments because they prefer to hide from the rain.

Post Lamps
Post lights are luminaires that are attached to poles or posts. These versions rarely appear in outdoor locations like driveways and sidewalks. To confirm that the model you purchase is water-resistant, look for the “Wet Rating” label.

Copper Lights for security
Security lights are great for enhancing properties’ overall safety and security. Given that they frequently have brightness levels that are comparable to spotlights, these lighting fixtures are fairly bright.

Outdoor Lighting
Low-voltage choices for dividing wall lights from ceiling lights include landscape lighting devices. These lights are best used in walks, driveways, and gardens.

Choose The Correct Style

In addition to choosing the appropriate type, you should choose the appropriate style to give the exteriors of your home a unified appearance.

Think about matching the lighting you select to the design of your property. For example, if your house has a contemporary design, pick fixtures that have a modern touch. On the other hand, choose antique lighting fixtures for a house with a classic design.

Here is a brief overview of some popular outdoor sculpture lighting designs:


Traditional outdoor lighting typically features elaborate designs with classy copper accents like curved hooks and embellishments. Traditional lighting should work nicely in Colonial or Craftsman-style homes.


Modern homes benefit from the sleek and simple aesthetics of contemporary outdoor lighting. To promote uniformity and their minimalist appearance, these lights frequently incorporate geometric accents.


Transitional lights typically fall somewhere in the middle of conventional and traditional lighting. While not as elaborate as traditional versions, these fixtures are still not excessively plain.

Pick Wisely

Make the best outdoor copper lighting selections for your property using the advice in this article. To ensure that all outdoor design elements meld into a single cohesive presence, ensure to take into account the size, type, and kind of your selected lighting sculptures. Consider the aesthetics of your outdoor lighting. Consequently, you ought to install external lighting that will improve the look of the building.

Looking for Landscape Lighting Contractors?

Since 1999, ArtScape Lighting, also best known as Copper Lighting and Sculpture, has been manufacturing customer copper sculptures and lightings. Contact us today to place your order for your home!

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