Mushroom III


Part number, 3mm24
24 inches tall
Shade 12″
Side mushrooms 8″ & 6″

Mushroom III is a triple copper mushroom that is a Handworked Accent Garden Light and Copper Sculpture.

A Landscape Lighting Fixture for prominent spaces. The center mushroom is 12 inches in diameter atop a 1 1/8 inch stem which holds an LED lamp. The decorative side mushrooms are 8 inches and 6 inches, brazed to 5/8 inch stems forming a mushroom cluster. The overall height is 24 inches.

This Real Copper Custom Light Fixture is meticulously hand hammered to have ridges and furrows, giving depth and charm. The patina is a dappled Tiffany Green Verda over a dark background. (May be ordered without green). Comes with custom ground stake.

Part number, 3mm24
24 inches tall
Shade 12"
Side mushrooms 8" & 6"


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