Types of Outdoor Copper Lighting Fixtures to Shop in New Year

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Using outdoor lighting is one of the best methods to improve the aesthetic of your outdoor space. Smartly placed outdoor lighting may enhance your home’s distinctive architectural characteristics, improve safety, and make your outdoor living spaces feel cozy and pleasant. Outdoor lighting comes in a wide variety of designs, from low-voltage alternatives that you can fix yourself to brighter, higher-powered options that need to be installed by a qualified electrician.

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Almost no other type of light fixture can match the intrigue that copper outdoor lighting brings to a location. The eye-catching color of copper complements a wide range of design styles. Copper is a daring design choice for most. On the contrary, it complements a wide range of fashions, from bohemian and urban to industrialized and Scandi.

Why Choose Copper?

Designers are aware of the significant influence outdoor lighting can have on any home. Lighting may promote outdoor usefulness, improve security on a property, and improve the aesthetic of the exterior. Although there are many exterior lighting solutions available today, few of them can compare to the benefits of outdoor copper lighting made with premium materials from a knowledgeable copper lighting manufacturer.

Copper outdoor lighting also offers the following advantages:

  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Resists rust

In summary, copper is an excellent medium for outdoor lighting because it is not greatly affected by the weather.

Copper Outdoor Lighting Types

Copper lights come in a variety of designs, including:

  • Ceiling lights
  • Pendant/String lights
  • Lanterns
  • Spotlights

The likelihood is that if it’s a form of outdoor light, you can find a copper version of it!

What to Think About Purchasing Copper Outdoor Lights

Real copper lighting fixtures can be very expensive. You should therefore take your time choosing the ones that best meet your needs. Before purchasing copper outdoor lights, take into account the following factors.


It is commonly known that copper oxidizes, turning it green. When the copper is exposed to air, this is referred to as patination. It happens all the time, however, you’ll need to varnish or polish your copper lighting if you don’t want it to. The price and required maintenance time increase as a result.

Identifying Fakes

If you purchase counterfeit copper for outdoor lighting, it won’t be a major problem. The genuine thing is, after all, rather pricey. Copper-plated items or copper alloys could be counterfeit products (like bronze or brass).

Although copper alloys won’t tarnish similarly, neither is a concern. Only when you are paying real copper pricing for a counterfeit copper product does it become a problem.

There are several ways to identify the difference, but it’s probably not true copper if the lamp costs just under $200 or so.

When to Avoid Copper

There aren’t any circumstances in which copper lighting should be avoided. It ages better than most other metals, and you don’t have to be as cautious about the weather.
However, exposure to sea air will accelerate its aging. But if you already reside near the water, you are presumably well aware of this reality.

Regular upkeep and cleaning

As previously noted, if you do not want your copper lights to tarnish, varnish them. If the lights have been out for a while, cleaning the patina off will be challenging.

However, a mixture of equal parts cornstarch, vinegar, and salt can be used to remove small quantities of tarnish. Use a toothbrush to brush it on, then let it sit for up to an hour before washing it off.

A moderate acid, such as tomato ketchup or genuine copper cleaning, can be used for cleaning.

Top 5 Copper Outdoor Light Fixtures

Are you considering purchasing new outdoor lighting? Unsure of the type of outdoor lighting to purchase? After all, there are hundreds of them, and it might be challenging to determine which you prefer. Don’t stress; we’re here to assist!

Let’s examine some possibilities for light art sculptures.

For Balconies: Oak Leaf Sconce

For Balconies: Oak Leaf Sconce

Credit: https://copperlightingandsculpture.com/product/oak-leaf-sconce/

Oak Leaf Sconce is Handmade Copper Low-Voltage Lighting that sprays light up the balcony pillars while producing a pool of brightness on the deck surfaces.

The Copper Sconce is depicted in silhouette by this Decorative Copper Deck Lighting. This Bespoke Copper Outdoor Lighting may be customized for a broad range of applications and is sized to install on typical deck posts. (Contact the studio for sizing inquiries) It’s a great complement to wall surfaces, single rail fences, and privacy railings.

Since they don’t take up any floor space, wall lights like these are perfect for balconies. Naturally, you may utilize them in additional outdoor areas like patios, porches, or verandas.

They have an industrial vibe, which makes them perfect for contemporary and Scandinavian decor.

Also, check out a similar one in Maple Leaf Sconce shape.

Best for Patios: Mushroom 6

Best for Patios: Mushroom 6

Credit: https://copperlightingandsculpture.com/product/mushroom-6/

Outdoor ground lights made of copper are typically plated, but they nevertheless have a pleasant appearance. Although they also function well on patios, ground lights are frequently seen in backyards (or even on balconies).

You can shop for mushroom shaped copper lightings like Allium, Mushroom 6 and Mushroom 8. When paired in sets of 2 or 4, it is bound to look chic and will transform your garden or patio instantly. You can add ground lights to plant pots to create ambiance.

Best String Lights: Copper Fairy Lights

You may easily omit the light fittings and use string lights instead of copper outdoor lighting. It’s perfect for adding copper without drawing too much attention to the lighting as the majority already utilize copper wiring.

Additionally, the majority of these types of string lights will have plastic tubing around the wires to make them waterproof. This kind of pattern can be a wonderful way to incorporate copper into designs that wouldn’t typically do so, like monochromatic or tropical.

As an option, search for string lights that have copper accents, like tiny shades, all over the lights. These lights, which have tiny copper beaded balls encircling each one, would look great strung along a balcony rail or decking post.

Best for Porches: Copper Porch Light

Best for Porches: Copper Porch Light

Credit: https://copperlightingandsculpture.com/product/moondrop/

For a variety of reasons, this kind of design suits porches well. It initially has a more interior light appearance. Even if it doesn’t really matter, it would look best in a covered outside area.

It also distributes light downward, which is ideal for a porch. The copper won’t tarnish as fast if your porch (or balcony) is enclosed.

Moondrop is a copper hanging light that can be used outdoors, indoors, in gazebos, pergolas, or over an archway or tree.

This Floral Style Pendant Light is made of two layers of copper flower petals, which “leak” some illumination beneath the upper flower petals to create a three-dimensional depth. As a Solitary Pendant Light or in groups of two or three, this Handmade Copper Hanging Light looks lovely.

You can also shop for a similar variety called Moonflower on our website.

Best for Other Outdoor Spaces: Cattail Bouquet

Best for Other Outdoor Spaces: Cattail Bouquet

Credit: https://copperlightingandsculpture.com/product/cattail-bouquet/

Cattail Bouquet doubles as a garden accent light and a copper garden sculpture.

Any Water Garden will suit the distinctive design. This Copper Landscape Accent Light, which was made to be noticed, looks wonderful at the front of the house. This Personalized Designed Lighting is a show-stopper because it was handcrafted and brazed.

Copper naturally patinas, but if that’s not the appearance you’re going for, think about purchasing weathered-effect copper. Styles like this have an older appearance as opposed to being oxidized, thus the copper is merely a paler shade.

If this is the sort of thing you’re after, beware of fake copper. It won’t age the same way, so the weathered appearance will last longer.

Final Thoughts on Copper Outdoor Lighting

Copper outdoor lighting requires a little more attention than other alternatives, though. But we can guarantee that it will revolutionize your outdoor space. So, if you are looking for custom copper lighting, consider contacting the Copper Lighting and Sculpture company.

We are specialists in the handcrafted, artisan-designed garden and landscape lighting and have been in business since 1999 under the name ArtScape Lighting. For your needs in copper lighting, contact us right now!

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